Course Title:

Anaphylaxis Training Course

Anaphylaxis Training Course

Anaphylactic reactions are potentially life-threatening and can happen to anyone at any time, even with no previous allergies or reactions. This course has been designed to provide an overview of the causes, signs, symptoms and treatments.

Aims/Learning Outcomes:
Understand anaphylaxis
Understand who gets anaphylaxis
Understand what causes anaphylaxis
How to recognize anaphylaxis
How to treat anaphylaxis
Understand the follow up of the patient with anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis Course Content:
Emergency treatment of anaphylactic reactions
What causes anaphylaxis?
Who gets anaphylaxis?
Cardiac Arrest
Recognition and treatment
ABCDE approach
Differential diagnosis
Treatment of anaphylactic reactions
Auto injectors

 A certificate of attendance will be received upon completion of this course.

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